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We have been in the Tenant Placement and Property Management business since 2013 & pride ourselves as leaders in our local real estate market & the property management community. We are active members of community and stay current on the latest rental industry trends.

Hailee Phillips: Co - Founder & President
Picture of Hailee Phillips
Hailee Phillips, a native of Boise, has been involved with the property management industry from a young age. She helped her parents with their rental properties and to this day, feels that this experience has helped her become the business owner she is. After a long career in finance, she Co-Founded RTP Property Management, LLC in 2013. RTP Property Management, LLC had a large market share in the Boise area and was acquired in 2017. During this acquisition, Hailee and her Co-Founder, Reese Phillips founded Tenant Placement Services LLC. With the goal to make owning and managing rental property’s easier for owners. Hailee is very active in her local community and has worked with many organizations to help promote best practices for rental owners. Hailee currently lives in Boise with her husband Reese, their two dogs and one beautiful baby girl, Lincoln.
Reese Phillips » Co - Founder & CFO
Picture of Reese Phillips
Reese Phillips is the Co-Founder and CFO of Tenant Placement Services LLC. With over 13 years of real estate, management & finance experience, Reese oversees all aspects of each project from inception to completion. As a local real estate investor himself, his knowledge of risk management is remarkable & he serves to enhance all aspects of each client’s project through his network and resources. Reese’s expertise in finance and local real estate enables Tenant Placement Services to provide its investors, partners & clients a competitive edge in today’s local real estate market. Reese is very active in the Idaho Humane Society, Rotary Club of Boise & The Arid Club. Reese has worked with his 501(c)3 nonprofit the “Financial Education Foundation of Idaho” to promote financial literacy for adults in Idaho. Reese currently lives in Boise with his wife Hailee, their two dogs and one beautiful baby girl, Lincoln.